How many different statuses can a scientific journal submission have during the peer review process?

When you submit a paper to a journal it will pass several stages:

  • Paper submitted: the first status you will see. The administrator will check the journal format and the journal rules.
  • With Editor: after administrator approved. The paper will reach Editor-in-Chief (EiC). EiC will check whether the paper fits the scope and standards of the journal. If yes, it will be assigned to an Associate Editor. Before an Associate Editor will assign to the paper, EiC will invite her/him.
  • Editor Invited: indicated EiC sent the invitation to Associate Editor.
  • Editor Assigned: if the Associate Editor has accepted the invitation. After Associate Editor is assigned, they will invite reviewers.
  • Reviewers Invited: the review invitation has been sent to Reviewers.
  • Under Review: if Reviewers have accepted the invitation.
  • Required Reviews Complete: a minimum number of reviews was submitted.
  • Decision in Process: Waiting for Associate Editor and EiC to make the decision.

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