What’s news in Journal Citation Reports and Web of Science 2024?

Key Changes in Clarivate’s 2024 Journal Citation Reports™ Release

  1. Unified Rankings:
  • Unified rankings for 229 science and social science categories, including journals from the Emerging Sources Citation Index™ (ESCI).
  1. Category-First Approach:
  • Decoupling of categories from their editions (SCIE, SSCI, AHCI, and ESCI) to enable exploration of all journals in the same category within the application.
  • Consolidation of categories across editions (e.g., History & Philosophy of Science is now unified into one category).
  1. Simplified Journal Impact Factor (JIF):
  • Display of JIF to one decimal point.
  • Extension of JIF to all journals in the Web of Science Core Collection™.
  1. Single Ranking Structure:
  • Combined rankings for journals in categories that exist across multiple editions (e.g., Psychiatry includes journals from SCIE, SSCI, and ESCI in a single ranking).
  1. Transparency and Inclusivity Enhancements:
  • All Web of Science Core Collection journals, including new, open access, niche, regionally focused, and Global South journals, are available for analysis.
  • Full transparency into citation data for each journal.
  • Elimination of three decimal places in JIF to prevent misinterpretation.
  1. Arts and Humanities Categories:
  • 25 arts and humanities categories in AHCI and ESCI will no longer receive a rank, quartile, or percentile; a policy statement will be displayed on each journal’s profile page.

These changes collectively aim to provide a more comprehensive, inclusive, and transparent tool for journal evaluation and decision-making.

(From Clarivate’s sources)

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